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Data & Information Management

Operations Center

Operations Center is an online ag data solution that helps to collect machine, logistic, and agronomic data in a centralized location. Operations Center provides tools that empower users and their advisers to make decisions and analyze those decisions before, during, and after the crop season to enhance profitability. Access to Operations Center can be obtained from any Internet-connected device - desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. MyJohnDeere Operations Center is the platform for products and services that improve machine uptime, logistics management and 6agronomic decision making in a centralized location to help plan, run, and manage an operation.

Mobile Data Transfer

John Deere Mobile Data Transfer creates a seamless portal to and from the Operations Center and allows immediate access to critical business information. It allows producers and their advisers to wirelessly share data with one another without having to use a data storage device, such as a USB stick. By eliminating the need for transferring data via a USB card, Mobile Data Transfer reduces the risk of data loss and also increases efficiency, with easier data sharing and decision making.


JDLink is John Deere's telematics system designed for customers, dealers, and equipment managers who desire to take their operations to the next level of productivity, efficiency, and security. Whether it is receiving an email or text message, users can make management decisions in real-time regardless of location. Using the power of JDLink, customers and managers can increase productivity, increase uptime, and lower cost of operation. Information collected by JDLink can easily be accessed from a computer or mobile device.

Many large agricultural machines are equipped with JDLink from the factory, starting with model year 2011 8R Tractors. Customers and dealers realize many advantages from the information this technology delivers, which can be provided by cellular or satellite connection.


Apex Farm Management software is a basic program that archives historical field data, where it can be visualized in the form of maps and reports, and can be used to create prescriptions, boundaries, and guidance lines. Such information helps to implement better management practices and, in turn, leads to maximizing productivity and profitability. Apex works with data and applications from your GreenStar System.

Mobile Farm Manager

Today's farming practices produce more data than ever before. To make the best management decisions, you need to be able to access that information in any place, any time.

That's where John Deere Mobile Farm Manager can help. You'll get instant on-the-go access to all your data. You can view your operation's maps and reports from any year. View historical applications. Analyse historical reports. Use your iPhone or iPad GPS to track your position within your fields. Scout crops and fields while documenting what you see. Generate grid zones and perform soil sampling tasks.

With John Deere Mobile Farm Manager, you can identify soil nutrient content to enable variable-rate applications. Communicate with partners and service providers more easily. Document field conditions throughout the year and communicate those findings to the right people. Use your mobile device's GPS to correlate changes in yield displayed on the GreenStar monitor to fertiliser or other product applications - all from the comfort of your cab.