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CropFlight Services


Emmetts have joined forces with US company Agribotix to provide drone based aerial crop imagery services to farmers throughout the Wimmera Mallee. The Emmetts fleet of Agribotix Hornets will be used to collect true colour (RGB) and near infrared (NIR) imagery at 3cm ground resolution, providing a detailed view of the entire field from above. Imagery collected by the infrared camera is used to measure relative vegetation health within-field. This real time information combined with historical field data provides valuable information which can be used in the generation of prescription maps and management zones. Other applications include whole-field crop inspections, crop damage and irrigation assessment along with weed infestation assessments, and yield estimations.


CropSense takes CropFlight to the next level, combining historical field data with imagery captured by the drone to develop an insight into individual fields performance. Giving both historical and real time data for the use in management decisions, including variable rate nutrient and spray applications.